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GALAPAGOS HORSE FRIENDS - who we are and what we do

We are an nonprofit organization. Since 2015 Galapagos Horse Friends has been working to improve and create awareness of the horses living conditions on the islands.

This is our passionate team and many awesome volunteers:

Our founder Claudia Moreno is a certified MarzMethod® practitioner. We use this natural technique with the horses. You can also try a life changing personal experience in a session with the herd

We rehabilitate and provide a decent space for equines. We focus on animal welfare and act with compassion and empathy for our equine friends who depend on us.

  • We care

    • Checks: health, hoof, safety and freshwater

    • Nutrition: balanced food, mineral salt

    • Exercise: natural horsemanship

  • We educate

    • Open invitation to visit us and learn

    • School visits about equine welfare

    • Talks, videos and interviews

  • We take action

    • We are MarzMethod Practitioners®

      • Coaching, Retreats, Horse Guided Yoga, experiential learning

    • Equine specialized veterinarian program

    • Horse adoption program

For thousands of years, horses helped humanity evolve

“Horses provide a sense of inspiration, calm and wonder in us. Today, it is proven that the presence of horses has positive psychological effects on us. As sensitive prey animals, horses are acutely aware of their surroundings. In fact, horses can read our intention and connect to emotions. In this way, horses are able to guide us towards deep insight into our social, emotional and cognitive states.”

Christina Marz, MarzMethod Practicioners®

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