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Our history

My name is Claudia Moreno, founder of Galapagos Horse Friends. It all started with the purchase of two neglected mares from a neighbour. An abandoned stallion forced its way into my property and impregnated those mares. That I wanted to help the horses in the Galapagos became clear to me with the joy and worry of the birth of my fourth foal, a result of uncontrolled breeding. Later, I also took in other horses with different sad backgrounds. Now, 1 care for a herd of 15 horses, the lack of resources during the pandemic made it clear to me that becoming a foundation was the way torward to transtorm my current project into a long lasting sanctuary for mistreated and abandoned horses on the island. The bigger and long lasting impact of a foundation status enhances both the wellbeing of horses and that of other animals on the Galapagos.

About Us: About Us


Where the Passion Begins

We would like to introduce you to the caring members of our team and have asked them to explain their position, their background and their interest in our foundation. We thank them to be on the board of Galapagos Horse Friends. 



Founder and President of Galapagos Horse Friends Foundation

Hello, I'm Claudia Moreno, the Founder and GEO of Galapagos Horse Friends Foundation. Originating from Germany, my background as an optometrist took a turn towards my love for animals and nature. After 15 years as a tour leader in the Galapagos Islands, my commitment to compassion for animals intensified. Particularly drawn to horses, my childhood love evolved into a passionate pursuit, recognizing their dependence on human care. Now, as the founder of the foundation, I'm grateful to channel my passion into actions, certified in "Horse Guided Empowerment®️/@MarzMethod®️." Our work aims to connect the community with horses, emphasizing love and respect for these majestic animals. Join us in giving back to those who deserve it most.


Vice President of Galapagos Horse Friends

I am Nathalie Montalvo and I am the Vice President of Galapagos Horse Friends. I have always loved animals and at the age of 14 I stopped eating meat and I am very happy with my decision to be a vegetarian. After spending nearly 20 years on the Galapagos Island as a mother, housewife and a German teacher for children, I recently moved back to Switzerland where I now work as a commercial employee.
I have known Claudia Moreno for many years and I accompanied her all the way with her project until she had the Galapagos Horse Friends foundation. I have seen the difference that Claudia and Galapagos Horse Friends make when treating horses under the principles of Natural Horsemanship. I know that we can improve animal welfare through education and I am very proud to be part of Galapagos Horse Friends.

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Board member of Galapagos Horse Friends Foundation

I am Christina Marz, member of the foundation, psychologist and founder of Horse Guided Empowerment® / MarzMethod®, an innovative method of coaching and therapy with the herd of horses. Completed a training course with the GHF herd and certified two team members to help them create sustainable income from rescued horses. I have done the same with several packs around the world, and continue to support them to the best of my knowledge. We have also started a personal retreat program that will help generate income to support the precious GHF herd. Learn more about me at


Secretary of Galapagos Horse Friends

I am Angel Ramon. I am a psychologist by profession and a certified facilitator for Horse Guided Empowerment® / MarzMethod®, I feel very happy about it, because I can be an empathic person with people and animals. I am a resident of the Galapagos Islands and I love living here because it is a safe and amazing place.
Within Galapagos Horse Friends I am the secretary, the same one that carries a lot of responsibility, but also satisfaction. In addition, I can interact in harmony with the horses in freedom and share my experiences and knowledge with those who visit us.
The reason why I am part of this organization is because of its mission, which is aimed at animal welfare, taking as its central axis the education of the population to reach a culture of respect between humans and animals.

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Treasurer of Galapagos Horse Friends Foundation

Hello. I am Natali Ramon. At Galapagos Horse Friends I am the treasurer, my activities are carried out with full commitment and responsibility, to provide clear and transparent accounts. My professional education is Economist, and it fills me with joy to be able to contribute with my knowledge to this social project. My reason for being part of the foundation is that I love what we do in it, since we all work to achieve the well-being of equines.

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