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As every fundation we face some problems.


Problem 1:

Lack of support from the local community. Horses were introduced to the islands to serve humans and they are not given the space to cover their natural needs anymore.

In order to cover the expenses for the land they need, a lot of funding is required.

Problem 2:

Lack of qualified horse vets on the islands.

We need to bring them from the mainland to conduct our castration campaigns, to stop uncontrolled breeding and to care for  general health issues. 

Monthly costs for 17 equines total $ 3613:

Farmrent         $ 1180

Maintenance  $   813

Salaries           $ 1620

Your donation, regardless of size, brings us forward in safeguarding the well-being of our herd.  

For example your donation of:

$ 813 will secure medicines, food supplements and maintenance of stables, fence and pastures for a month!

15 keeps the hooves of one horse healthy, for carefree running and jumping!

Become a godparent:
with a $ 200 monthly donation you can become a godparent of your favorite horse through our adoption program.

* send us an e-mail with the amount you want to donate and we will send you a monthly invoice


Every donation is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the well-being of our herd.


Please donate if you can, share to your community, and help keep the horses safe!


Thank you!

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Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

+593 99 413 5896

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