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​5 € : With your monthly donation
you enable the purchase of
mineral salt for one horse
which is needed for its health.

15 €: With your monthly donation
you help us to keep the hooves
of one horse healthy - for carefree
running and jumping!

50 €: With your monthly donation
you give one horse a beautiful and
safe place to live!

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We want you to know because we value every penny! We know: If you support us, you want to help animals in need with all your might and make a contribution to nature conservation. It is therefore important to us that you know exactly what is happening with your money.

Galapagos Horse Friends is a non-profit organization. All of our work is done on a voluntary basis, which keeps our administrative expenses to a minimum. Because we help on the Galapagos Islands (which belong to Ecuador), we are also registered as a non-profit organization here. Normal transfers from Europe to Ecuador would be associated with costs each time. There are also commercial providers who handle foreign transfers for non-profit organizations, but these also cost a lot of money. We don't want you to have to bear these costs, nor do we want them to be deducted from the money you donate to the animals.

Therefore we offer the possibility to use Paypal in addition to a (expensive) bank transfer. There is also a small processing fee of around 5% - we hope that you are willing to pay this extra. As much money as possible goes directly to the livelihoods of our rescued animals and our many projects on the islands that improve the lives of so many more animals! A win for everyone!

Thank you for helping us to help!

The project team and the horses are so grateful for your kind support. Every donation helps us to ensure that our project is able to continue and the horses stay protected.

Please donate if you can, share to your community, and help keep the horses safe!



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Since we're based on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, receiving payments is quite difficult. If your're interested in donating, please send us a request via the form on the right. We will then provide you with all necessary details. 

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