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What We Do



Two of our board members are facilitators of MarzMethod®, which is experimental learning guided by us and our herd. In one session you can overcome blocks, find the answer within yourself and accept the change. Horses are highly sensitive and intuitive and act like a magnifyer of our emocions.

For thousands of years, horses helped humanity evolve

“Horses provide a sense of inspiration, calm and wonder in us. Today, it is proven that the presence of horses has positive psycological effects on us. As sensitive prey animals, horses are acutely aware of their surroundings. In fact, horses can read our intuition and connect to emotions. In this way, horses are able to guide us towards deep insight into our social, emotional and cognitive states.” 

Christina Marz, board member and founder of Horse Guided Empowerment and MarzMethod®

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Horse Guided Empowerment® is an innovative and unique method for motivating deep personal change in coaching and therapy sessions, based on the philosophy and guiding principles of Natural Horsemanship

"Through observation, simple exercises and self-reflection, you will explore your personal affirmations and understand, where you can find support for positive change. The feedback provided by the herd of horses does not need words, it works across culture and comes with impressive images that are easy to remember. Their presence will calm you. Horses are amazing to support your personal growth."

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It is important for us to be part of the community and improve awareness of animal welfare. We cooperate with local organisations about education on animal welfare and veterinary services.

We are always available for school visits. We interact with the local community in sharing knowledge on natural horsemanship. And we are active in cooperating with like-minded organisations to promote better living conditions for introduced species to the Galapagos Islands. 

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our project.

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Once in a lifetime experience. You will be guided by a herd of semi-wild rescue horses using the Horse Guided Empowerment® model. Horses are constantly seeking harmony within the herd and their surroundings.

Over the course of one week, you will build upon a sequence of intimate encounters with our herd to identify key areas such as habits, lifestyle, inner narratives and relationships that are ready for change. Being highly perceptive to shifts in their environments, the horses will reflect your inner emotions and support you in your change.Find yourselfin a Land of Magic and SHIFT to your Best Life.

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It is alway in our interest to share our love for horses with visitors. You have an open invitation to come visit us at the farm, spend time and interact with the horses and learn more about these empathetic creatures.

Yoga, profound breathing meditation, meet and greet the horses:

Connect with yourself and the spiritual world of horses in a natural ambient. Magical moments are waiting for you!



Through our everyday life with the herd we are completely dedicated to their care, checking them, ensuring their nutritional and medical wellbeing, and making exercises with them.

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience on caring for horses on the Galapagos Islands, the non-profit work and the ups-and-downs etc. What is important for us is to make progress by taking action by being: 

  • MarzMethod Practitioners®: Coaching, Retreats, Horse Guided Yoga, experiential learning

  • Joining equine specialized veterinarian program

  • Planning a Horse adoption program

  • Please contact us for presentations and/or consultrary work​

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