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Galapagos Horse Friends


sowing love - harvesting confidence

Coaching guided by horses
Facilitators of HGE/MarzMethod®

Our Mission


Since 2015, Galapagos Horse Friends has been working to improve living conditions of a big herd of rescued horses on Santa Cruz Island.

We raise awareness about species-appropiate-husbandry of equines and educate among the local comunity, the local youth and tourists.

Today it is proven, that the presence of horses has positive psycological effects on us and we provide valuable experiences  through emotional bonds between horses and humans.

We have taken on the responsability to be a voice for our beautiful horses! Embrace the spirit of compassion, make a difference at Galapagos Horse Friends and support now to ensure the well-being of our herd as we urgently seek donations to amplify our ability to provide care, eduacation  and advocacy! 

Meet our unique herd of rescued horses

Check out our new Retreat:

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